How Does Dental Sedation Work?

Tampa sedation dentist Dr. Jeff Bynum is certified to provide a variety of safe and effective dental sedation methods to his patients. He consults with each patient individually to review the options available so that together they can determine the best method to achieve fear-free dental care.

Relaxation Dentistry

Smiling girl enjoys her dental appointment thanks to sedation dentistry near Tampa.Dr. Bynum’s Valrico sedation dentist office is focused on providing a calming, peaceful environment to relax without any drugs or medication. We take the time to listen to our patients and their concerns, being sure to answer their questions and allay their fears before any procedure begins. Our office was specially designed to evoke calm while our quiet treatment rooms provide further comfort to nervous patients. Personalized touches such as headphones to block out noise along with individual music listening and DVD viewing options create optimal surroundings for all patients receiving dental care.

Conscious Sedation with “Laughing Gas”

Older woman undergoes laughing gas sedation in Valrico.” width=The first level of conscious sedation dentistry is the minimal use of “laughing gas”. Known for the state of relaxed euphoria it creates to increase pain tolerance without grogginess, “laughing gas” is administered through a comfortable inhaler placed lightly on the nose throughout the procedure. It has no side effects, a time-tested tool that is so safe and effective, it is often used with children who are scared of the dentist.

Conscious Sedation with Oral Sedatives

“ConsciousDr. Bynum also offers conscious sedation through oral sedatives for high-fear patients that require more relaxation assistance. Before a patient comes to the office for a procedure, they take a small pill prescribed by the dentist. This quick-acting conscious sedation pill induces a state of calming inattentiveness, which means that the patient will need a friend or family member to drive them to and from the office for safety. The calming effects of conscious sedation can also last for two to six hours, giving Dr. Bynum time to perform multiple dental procedures in a single visit, which makes it appealing for busy patients looking to get a lot of work done without a lot of trips to the dentist.

IV Sedation

IV sedation near Tampa gives even the most anxious patients relief from fear of the dentist.For those patients with the highest anxiety, “laughing gas” or oral conscious sedation may not be enough. That’s why Dr. Bynum has received the necessary training and certification to administer IV sedation to his dental patients. With IV sedation, the sedative is given intravenously so that it works quickly and can be adjusted throughout the procedure to exactly fit the patient’s needs. The sedative itself is not a narcotic to dull pain the way local anesthetic works. Instead, it delivers a powerful anti-anxiety drug that not only helps the patient relax more completely than oral sedatives, it also creates partial or complete memory loss of the dental visit. With memories of the previous visit forgotten, a patient who has received IV sedation before is often able to visit the dentist normally in the future, the fear and anxiety of previous dental experiences gone.

All sedation dentists are not the same. While many dentists will offer some of the common sedation methods like “laughing gas”, only dentists like Valrico sedation dentist Jeff Bynum are certified by the state of Florida to provide full sedation dentistry including conscious sedation and IV sedation to his patients.

To decide which sedation method is most appropriate, schedule an appointment with our Tampa sedation office today.

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